Human Development: A Life-Span View 7th Edition

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Human Development: A Life-Span View 7th Edition

Author: Robert V. Kail, John C. Cavanuagh
Year and Edition: 2016, 7th edition
Language: English
ISBN 13: 9781305116641
Cengage Learning
ISBN 10: 130511664X
PDF, 145.78 MB
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Human Development: A Life-Span View 7th Edition


HUMAN DEVELOPMENT: A LIFE-SPAN VIEW, Seventh Edition, distinguishes itself through its comprehensive coverage of the entire life span, making it a valuable resource for students. Authored by Robert V. Kail, an authority in childhood and adolescence, and John C. Cavanaugh, a seasoned researcher in gerontology, the text effectively captures students’ interest by exploring the issues, forces, and outcomes that shape human identity.

The book adopts a modified chronological approach, tracing development sequentially from conception through late life. This unique structure, with dedicated chapters to key topical issues, allows for a relatively briefer yet insightful exploration of the vast developmental landscape. Kail and Cavanaugh skillfully provide theoretical and empirical foundations, equipping students to critically interpret developmental information.

The integration of basic and applied research, along with coverage of controversial topics and emerging trends, establishes crucial connections between theoretical concepts and real-world scenarios. This seventh edition ensures a rich description of life-span stages, offering students a thorough understanding of human development. As students navigate this intricate field, the book serves as a guide, combining expertise in childhood, adolescence, and gerontology to deliver a holistic view of the human life span.


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