ISE Life-Span Development 19th Edition

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ISE Life-Span Development 19th Edition

Author: John W. Santrock
19th International Student Edition
Year: 2023
Language: English
ISBN 13: 9781266138010
Publisher:  McGraw-Hill Education (January 1, 2023)
ISBN 10: 1266138013
Pages: 2809
File: PDF
Digital Delivery: Downloadable file
ISE Life-Span Development 19th Edition


As an expert educator, John Santrock adeptly merges contemporary research with practical applications, enabling students to grasp how developmental psychology influences their lives and future professions. By emphasizing the interconnections across various facets of lifespan development, students find it easier to comprehend the material. This text boasts a solid research foundation, which is presented in an accessible manner through a cohesive learning objectives system. This approach offers a comprehensive and sequential exploration of lifespan development, empowering students with the insight needed to study effectively, maintain concentration, and enhance their academic performance. The digital learning tools provided by McGraw Hill Connect® are indispensable resources, aiding students in synthesizing and mastering the extensive content covered in the lifespan development course.

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