Social and Personality Development 6th Edition

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Social and Personality Development 6th Edition
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Author: David R. Shaffer
Edition: 6th Edition
Year: 2008
Language: English
ISBN 13:
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN 10: 0495600385
Pages: 647
File: PDF
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Social and Personality Development 6th Edition


The “Social and Personality Development 6th Edition” is an essential resource for students and professionals in psychology, education, and related fields. Authored by renowned developmental psychologist David R. Shaffer, this comprehensive textbook delves into the intricate processes of social and personality development from infancy through adulthood. It combines theoretical perspectives with empirical research, offering a balanced understanding of the dynamic interplay between nature and nurture.

Students learn why biological and environmental factors, as well as contextual influences such as cross-cultural, familial, neighborhood, school, and peer-group dynamics, cause changes in children. Shaffer also explores the approaches that researchers use to test their theories and answer important questions about developing children and adolescents. This book’s effective coverage of field research stands out from other texts not only for its accuracy and currency, but because Shaffer consistently juxtaposes classic research with the latest breakthroughs in a way that helps students appreciate how knowledge builds on earlier findings. This edition features a much stronger emphasis on cultural influences on development.

Key features of this edition include updated content reflecting the latest research findings, real-world applications, and critical thinking exercises that enhance learning and retention. The book also covers diverse topics such as attachment, identity formation, moral development, and the influence of family, peers, and culture on individual growth.

Whether you’re studying for a course or seeking a deeper understanding of human development, “Social and Personality Development 6th Edition” provides invaluable insights and a solid foundation for exploring the complexities of human behavior.

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