Linguistics of American Sign Language 5th Ed

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Linguistics of American Sign Language 5th Ed
Author: Clayton Valli, Ceil Lucas, Kristin J.Mulrooney, and Miako Villanueva

5th Ed

Year: August 31, 2011
Language: English
ISBN 13:
Publisher: Gallaudet University Press
ISBN 10: 1563685086
File: PDF
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Linguistics of American Sign Language 5th Ed


Linguistics of American Sign Language, 5th Ed.: An Introduction” is a comprehensive and authoritative resource for understanding the linguistic principles of American Sign Language (ASL). This book serves as an essential guide for students, educators, and professionals interested in the study and application of ASL. The fifth edition includes updated content, new examples, and expanded discussions on key topics in ASL linguistics.

Key Features:

– Comprehensive Coverage:  The book covers a wide range of topics including phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, and sociolinguistics of ASL.
– Updated Content:  This edition incorporates the latest research and developments in the field of ASL linguistics.
– Practical Examples: Real-world examples and illustrations are provided to help readers understand complex concepts.
– Educational Value: Designed for use in academic settings, this book is an invaluable resource for ASL students and educators.
– Interactive Learning: Includes exercises and activities that promote hands-on learning and engagement with the material.
– Resourceful Appendices:  Appendices offer additional resources, such as a glossary of terms and references for further reading.
– Cultural Insights: Explores the cultural aspects of the Deaf community, providing a well-rounded understanding of ASL beyond its linguistic features.
– Visual Aids: Rich visual content, including diagrams and sign illustrations, enhance comprehension and retention of the material.

Completely reorganized to reflect the growing intricacy of the study of ASL linguistics, the 5th edition presents 26 units in seven parts:

– Part One: Introduction includes a revision of Defining Language and a new unit, Defining Linguistics.
–  Part Two: Phonology has been completely updated with new terminology and examples.
–  Part Three: Morphology features units on building new signs, deriving nouns from verbs, compounds, fingerspelling, and numeral incorporation.
–  Part Four: Syntax includes units on basic sentence types, lexical categories, word order, time and aspect, verbs, and the function of space.
–  Part Five: Semantics offers updates on the meanings of individual signs and sentences.
–  Part Six: Language in Use showcases a new section on Black ASL in the unit on Variation and Historical Change, revised units on bilingualism and ASL discourse, and an enhanced Language as Art unit with a new section on ASL in film.
–  Part Seven: Readings has two new readings, and all text illustrations have been replaced by video stills from the expanded video content. Signs described only with written explanations in past editions now have both photographic samples in the text and full demonstrations in the video.

You can find the supplemental video content on the Gallaudet University Press YouTube channel.

Why Choose This Book:

–  Expert Authors:  Written by leading experts in the field of ASL linguistics.
–  User-Friendly:  The content is accessible and engaging, making it suitable for readers at various levels of expertise.
–  Comprehensive Resource:  Ideal for use in coursework, professional development, and personal enrichment in the field of ASL.

Target Audience:

–  Students:  Ideal for undergraduate and graduate students studying linguistics, Deaf studies, and ASL.
–  Educators:  A valuable resource for teachers and instructors of ASL and linguistics courses.
– Professionals:  Beneficial for interpreters, researchers, and professionals working with the Deaf community.
–  Enthusiasts:  Anyone interested in learning more about the structure and use of American Sign Language.

This book is a must-have for anyone looking to deepen their understanding of American Sign Language and its linguistic structure. Whether you are a student, a teacher, or a professional, “Linguistics of American Sign Language, 5th Ed.: An Introduction” will provide you with the knowledge and insights you need to excel in the field of ASL linguistics.


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