Master ASL Level One With DVD

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Author: Jason E. Zinza
Edition: First Edition
Year: 2006
Language: English
ISBN 13: 978-1881133209
Publisher: Sign Media Inc
ISBN 10: 1-881133-20-6
Pages: 428
File: PDF & MP4
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Master ASL Level One With DVD

Welcome to Master ASL Level One. This textbook introduces you to American Sign Language (ASL), the language used by the majority of Deaf Americans, and the culture of the Deaf World. The Master ASL series was developed in response to the tide of interest in American Sign Language among people of all ages and is designed to provide a thorough foundation for using ASL as a second language with your Deaf neighbors, children, coworkers, and friends.

In the not-so-distant past, few hearing individuals aside from children of Deaf adults and those who worked closely with the Deaf knew ASL. Signing in public drew stares, quizzical looks, and often, mocking or teasing by people amused by the sight of individuals talking with their hands. In this environment, the Deaf community came together and formed a close, tight-knit culture where ASL flourished, and being Deaf was not considered a handicap but simply a way of life. Today, the Deaf community forms one of many minority cultural groups in the United States and Canada, and interest in learning ASL has surged, bringing with it greater opportunities for mutual benefit. Using ASL in public is now a common, and proud, experience for both Deaf and hearing people.

While attitudes are changing, more work remains to be done. Though ASL and Deaf individuals are seen on TV, in movies, the theater, restaurants, stores, and crowded classrooms, many people view deafness as an obstacle or a pitiable handicap. Deaf individuals are routinely denied employment because companies are uncertain how Deaf employees can communicate with their hearing colleagues, applicants for driver’s licenses are asked “Can Deaf people drive?” and the many contributions the Deaf have made to the larger hearing society are generally unknown and overlooked. As quickly as an ASL class is offered, it is filled with students who often think ASL is an easy language-and other language teacher, administrators, and counselors reflect this misunderstanding as well.

Do not be misled by these gross misunderstandings and myths surrounding American Sign Language: ASL is not easier to learn than spoken languages. ASL is a unique, visual language that does not simply match a sign to an English word. Instead, ASL has its own grammar, structure, and specific features that pose a challenge to learn, like other spoken languages. Indeed, students of ASL must develop a pleasing visual accent, exactly like leaming a satisfactory accent in spoken languages! The best way to learn any language is by direct, frequent contact with the people who use the language on a daily basis. Take a chance and initiate signed conversations with Deaf people!

The following pages provide you with an introduction to several important aspects of American Sign Language that will assist your experience with Master ASL Level One. Take a few minutes to read these pages and refer to the DVD that accompanies this text. You will use both the text and DVD as a study guide to help you learn American Sign Language.

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3 reviews for Master ASL Level One With DVD

  1. Michelle

    Of the ASL resources I’ve glanced at, mainly in different class settings, this is by far the best one I’ve seen

  2. Martin B.

    A very thorough course, excellent for beginners.

  3. Willie

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