The American Sign Language Phrase Book 3rd Edition

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The American Sign Language Phrase Book 3rd Edition
Author: Barbara Bernstein Fant, Betty Miller, Lou Fant

3rd Edition

Year: 2008
Language: English
ISBN 13: 9780071642354
ISBN 10: 0071642358
Pages: 402
File PDF 
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The American Sign Language Phrase Book 3rd Edition

Open up a whole new world of communication through ASL You can easily learn ASL with help from The American Sign Language Phrase Book. With more than 500 phrases, this is the reference guide to everyday expressions in American Sign Language, providing a quick way for you to converse with deaf people. Clearly illustrated with hundreds of line drawings, this book focuses on areas such as health, family, school, sports, travel, religion, time, money, food and drink, and small talk. This edition’s new chapter on technology boasts 50 phrases to help you communicate about the Internet, computing, video relay, and more. There is even a chapter that gives you phrases for communicating about signing: asking people to sign slower, indicating your fingerspelling ability, and requesting help with your fledgling skills. From asking simple questions (“How are you?”) to more complex phrases (“There’s no sign for that, you have to fingerspell it.”), The American Sign Language Phrase Book gives you the power to communicate easily and comfortably in ASL.


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